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three tunnel picturesWhere Now? Moving Beyond Traditional Legal Geographies

April 19th - 20th, 2012 | 509 O'Brian Hall, North Campus

Since its emergence in the early 1990s, critical legal geography has developed into a vibrant, interdisciplinary, and international scholarly project. Investigating a wide range of topics such as property regimes, the Empire and postcolony, migration and labor, race and sexuality, as well as nationalism and its claims to security, practitioners of critical legal geography have increased awareness of the reciprocal, co-constitutive relationship of the spatial and the legal. Their work reveals how the institutions, practices, and imaginaries of the legal are inextricably implicated in the social production of spatialities and, of equal importance, how the complexities and contingencies of space illuminate otherwise obscure dimensions of the legal.

While much excellent work has been done thus far, the organizers of the proposed workshop suggest that there are vast, unexplored domains of legal geography that require the invention of new interpretive resources, the incorporation of new vantage points, and the inclusion of new voices. This workshop, in other words, seeks to expand the present intellectual boundaries of the critical legal geography project through a collaborative investigation of new themes and questions.